Las Gitanas
Narrative Short. Digital, 15 mins, 2015.

las gitanas follows a quiet young man and a wild group of friends over the course of a night in los angeles. it explores chance interactions amongst disparate souls and the common pulse that binds them.

filmed in echo park and east hollywood, california. digital video. 16 minutes. 2015.

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"...the point here is not to moralize, and the stakes aren’t conveyed in any traditional sense. The dark urban landscape takes on an otherworldly quality. There’s some kind of throbbing spiritual energy that cleanses wrongdoings as soon as they are committed. Director (Anderson Matthew) weaves it together with elegance and vibrancy, focusing on confused/lost/seedy characters, but treating them with an uncommon humanity. It’s a beautiful and tender work with a lively cast and transcendent final sequence." -

Deconstructing Comedy, Castle Cinema, London, UK
Wave Pool Gallery, Cincinnati
La Casa Encendida, Madrid
The Silverlake Picture Show
Coaxial Arts, Shadow Kitchen
19th Cellu L'Art Kurzfilmfestival Jena 
24th Mardi Gras Film Festival, Australia
35th Int'l Film Festival of Uruguay, Montevideo, Uruguay
46th Tampere Film Festival Tampere, Finland *Nominated Best Fiction Film
Interfilm International Short Film Festival, Berlin

The Phi Center's Best of Winterthur, Montreal
featured on DEEP VIMEO
San Diego Latino International Film Festival, California
Kyiv International Short Film Festival, Ukraine

13th International Kurz.Film.Spiele Konstanz, Germany
9th Northern Wave International Film Festival, Iceland
23rd PUBLICYSTYKA International Film Festival, Poland 
Alter-Native Int’l Film Festival, Targu Mures, Transylvania
Wintherthur Kurzfilmtage, Switzerland 

Cheries-Cheri's LGBTQ Film Festival, Paris
Mezipatra Film Festival, Prague
Cine+Mas San Francisco (CMSF) Latino Film Festival, California
Festival of Nations, Austria 

Human Resources Los Angeles, California

The Silverlake Picture Show

starring sergio alvarez, michelle ortiz, edgar edgerly, tanya barjas, michael sasso, harry karp, mikandrew perdaris, tad coughenour, precious holloway, and carey fox.
produced and directed by anderson matthew.
cinematography by ava benjamin. co-edited with brendan vaughan.

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