dei notturni splendori
Short Opera Film. 35mm, 13 mins, 2020. Commissioned by the Staatsoper Stuttgart.

A short opera film made for the Staatsoper Stuttgart. Filmed on 35mm with a hand-cranked kino camera in the streets of Stuttgart and at the Staatsoper Stuttgart. The film follows the singer Helene Schniedermann in a nighttime dream that leads her to the opera house. Even during the time of corona lockdown, without an audience to perform for, the singer continues to sing. Staatsoper Stuttgart. 35mm. 9 minutes.


Shadow Kitchen, Coaxial Arts, Los Angeles, CA
Quälend Süsse Einsamkeit
, Staatsoper Stuttgart, Germany
Quälend Süsse Einsamkeit, Staatsoper Stuttgart, Germany
The Spectral Cinema'  Millenium Film Workshop at the Spectacle Theater, Brooklyn, NY
Quälend Süsse Einsamkeit, Staatsoper Stuttgart, Germany
Quälend Süsse Einsamkeit, Mercedes-Benz Museum, Stuttgart, Germany 

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